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Emma carried out a Customer Experience Review on our website and social channels and provided an extremely thorough and comprehensive list of recommendations and improvement areas.


These recommendations not only enabled us to see how we could improve our client journeys on our website, they also gave us ideas of how we could add more value to our clients via our website in the future. Before we received Emma’s report we thought we were OK, then we knew we weren’t.


Emma then worked collaboratively with us and Corefocus to create a new, modernised and mobile friendly website. She kept us grounded to the client experience, when it was too easy for us to only look through the technical HR lens and IT technology.


Simplifying the navigation experience, adding a search functionality, improving content and consistency as well as raising an awareness of our services, to name just a few of the recommendations we’ve implemented. 


Additionally, we now have more control in handling the content ourselves, therefore, can be more proactive and self-sufficient, which has already saved us time and money.


Emma was extremely easy to work with and walked us through everything, using examples, in a simple yet effective way. Her ability to deliver critical feedback is both subtle and direct. You hear it and want to take action.


Our clients have nothing but positive feedback regarding our new website and the ability to find what they need quickly.

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