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Video: Consumer behaviour changes & how to use Marketing & the Customer Journey to engage customers

I was delighted to join TechAgenda last Friday to host an interactive webinar sharing my findings on consumer behaviour changes as a result of coronavirus.

Here is the recording.

About the webinar

The landscape is constantly changing in both retail and hospitality – so what could customer behaviour look like moving forward and how could that inform how we use marketing and the customer journey to engage customers.

The webinar shares;

• How consumers felt and behaved prior to the coronavirus pandemic

• How they are currently feeling and behaving

• How they are likely to feel and behave when we ‘return to normal’

• Key changes in consumer behaviour as a result of the coronavirus

• What’s important to consumers right now

• How to use marketing and the customer journey to engage your customers (online & offline)

Duration: 45 minutes

About TechAgenda

TechAgenda is a community aimed at accelerating business growth using digital marketing technology and strategy. To find out more please click here.

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